Hidden Crimes Lifetime Movie


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Last week, the Lifetime Movie Network had a movie on called: Hidden Crimes. I checked the message board on imdb for this movie (usually people discuss the movie there and any songs they are looking for but the forum for that movie is empty).
I replayed the song from the movie that I'm looking for and wrote down the lyrics. I did a lot of searches playing around with the lyrics - and nothing is coming up. It's a female singer and its a slower sounding song - kind of like a Sarah Mclachlan sounding song.
I thought the song could be called Blind Eye - that lyric is in the chorus but nothing came up for it.
Here are some of the lyrics (the best that I could understand her):

I still long for you still
traces left behind me
places in our mind we pull
memories we follow
come back to haunt you
full of dreams of yesterday
blind eve come kiss me again
Blind eye comfort (or cover) me now
with a young touch softly
you know true love can (or can't) save me now

That's all I have! I don't have the equipment to record the song and post so all I could do were the lyrics.

Thanks for any help :)