1. W

    Google ad on Youtube

    I’m looking for an indie song that plays in a Google commercial on youtube often. When you click small i on commercial it just shows it as Google LLC. Video shows friends in restaurant and is only 15 sec long
  2. Strike - not Homme

    Contact Energy "Yoga"

    View: Hi there, hello! New here, I'm trying to identify the music in a Contact Energy and called 'Yoga'. It sounds really familiar, maybe a song from several years ago and possibly a New Zealand band, and I feel like it's on the tip of my brain but...
  3. K

    An indie song from youtube video, girls singing.

    Hi, Like max 6 years ago I saw a music video on yt. I really liked the song but can't find it again. Forgot most of lyrics, name of band and just rember the general vibe. So it is an indie song, probably black and white or limited in colors video. It's very simple just few young gilrs...
  4. S

    "DINO KILLER" Minecraft Animated Short

    Hello! I've tried to find the song from 0:50 to 1:05 for years but I've had no luck. Can someone help, please?
  5. Z

    Fiverr "One Stop" YouTube Ad

    Hi! I'm new to AdTunes. I joined because I've been looking for a song that was featured in an ad I found on YouTube entitled "One Stop | Fiverr." Here is the link to the video: . Could anyone help me figure out the title?
  6. S

    Song from Youtube Ad

    I saw a music video in a Youtube ad and have searched for it for weeks now but cannot find it anywhere. The trouble is I can't remember lyrics, just the music video. The video starts with four girls in a car, two blondes, a brunette and a girl with curly purple hair. They take the purple haired...
  7. jjlucash

    BEAUTIFUL Strings Piece

    Hello. There is this song that I've heard in two local commercials, and an upload on YouTube below. It's a strings-heavy piece, mid-tempo with sort of a pop/rock beat. Is anyone familiar with it or know where I could find it? I'd like to use it for a production.
  8. S

    YouTube Geek Week "10 Reasons to Love Science"

    Sorry for the long title. :D Song comes into full force around 1:00 in. Goes away and returns later at 3:02 1:00-1:36 3:02-3:46 (beginning of this part is pretty much uninterupted music, but getting friends to use Shazam/similar services have yeilded no fruit)
  9. T

    Washington Gas "Energy of the City"

    Hey all. I just saw an ad on youtube with washington gas that has a beat that I instantly loved. It's a techno beat and I am wondering if anyone knows the song name and artist. Let me know please :o . Thanks a bunch in advance. Here's the link below...
  10. C

    Tron Trailer redub

    just thought i'd share.... :)
  11. G

    YouTube Video: A Clip about Sienna Miller's role as the Baroness It's the song that play in the last 20 seconds or so of the video. It sounds like it *might* be from the GI Joe sound track but I listened to it and could seem to find that clip. The song has a "James Bond-ish" sound to it. I asked the producers of...
  12. Redonkulous

    Youtube Help.

    Hi, Anyone know the song used in this video?
  13. J

    Youtube Live Music (HELP!)!!!!!!!

    Hey there I was watching youtube live when "The League of Extraordinary Dancers" came on and now I'm looking for the song in this video at 2:32 It's right after a clip of Justice