1. I

    Windows Phone 8X by HTC Challenge

    Hey, guys! How are you? :) Well, I've been searching for a ling time and couldn't fine the name or a sample of the song used in some of the Windows Phone Challenge Ads. It's pretty annoying. :/ I wonder if anyone of you could help me with this. For thoso who wanna help, here's a link of one of...
  2. astroXP

    Windows Phone 7.5 promo

    I've been obsessed with this music ever since published and quite frankly I'm stressed nobody seems to identify the beats :cry: Some have said that it might be a mix of Martin Solveig & Dragonette's song "Hello."
  3. V

    Windows 7 Beta

    The song was already posted in the description as a download, but the link is dead :( What's the name of the song?
  4. D

    Bing on Windows 8 "Search Reimagined" promo

    Anyone know the artist/ song on the new Bing on Windows 8 Search Reimagined promo? Here's a link.....
  5. D

    Windows 7 Powerpoint

    Help! What's the trumpet fanfare that opens the new Microsoft Wimdows 7 commercial?
  6. Y

    Windows Phone 7

    I love the music in this ad. Can anyone name it?
  7. adieberyl

    AT&T Samsung Focus Windows Phone "What If"

    What is the name of this song? It keeps bugging be everytime it comes on.
  8. H

    AT&T Samsung Focus Windows Phone

    Does anyone know what is the name of the music of this commercial? It is commercial of At&t with Samsung Focus.
  9. P

    AT&T Windows Phone "Stage Presence"

    Showing off their new windows-phone, they have a bunch of little animated animals get blown over by a hard blues/rock song coming from the pop-out speakers. What is that song?
  10. C

    Apple iTunes for Windows

    :huh: Hi There - just heard the new I Pod ad -great rock tune, sounds a bit like the Hives, Helicopters, type - the lyric is "really want to make you mine" Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks