1. yungcankles

    Wendy's French Onion Cheeseburger

    A short reel popped up with a very familiar choral song in the background, but I'm having trouble identifying the name or composer. Anyone know this one? View: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C5YfV1JB2Q6/
  2. A

    Wendy's Asiago Chicken "Red Carpet Sandwich"

    Here's the link Has that older 2000's Ibiza vide to it, but I can't place it ! it's driving me nuts.
  3. B

    Wendy's 1993

    I am a new member billlarson45. I am desperately looking for the name of the background song in: Wendy's Commercial #1 1993. This is an old Dig Dave commercial. I found the commercial in another site to get the name I show. The background music is traditional jazz. I am sure it is Sidney Bechet...
  4. M

    Wendy's "Kicking Tires"

    It's a fairly new commercial. There are people in the woods kicking trees and one dude in a Wendy's redhead wig stops and decides he shouldn't have to do this and some "inspiring" music comes up in the background. Anyone know the music that's playing in the background of this commercial?
  5. N


    i saw it air early tonight, it was for what i think was their new pepper burger, but before the question arises. the song is stuck in the middle which was originally done by stealers wheel. but the version in the commercial is Stuck in the Metal by Eagles Of Death Metal. just thought i would put...