1. skytta

    Tropicana "Arctic Sun"

    It was in the background so I apologize for the vague details. The commercial was a bunch of people looking at the sun. I glanced and they were wearing fur trimmed coats and the sun was rising. The song in the background was a slow tune with piano and a man singing. He had a high voice like...
  2. D

    Tropicana pure valencia orange juice

    what is the music for this commercial :unsure: B)
  3. N

    Tropicana Orange Juice "Child's Play"

    Looking for the music used in the most recent Tropicana commercial with the kids trying valiantly to squeeze the oranges. ("18 oranges in every carton.") Probably in-house, but worth a shot, no?
  4. Quence

    Tropicana Morning

    There's this commercial for Tropicana orange juice. And it plays this song that goes, "Good morning, good morning, have a Tropicana morning." I must have this song! I've looked everywhere for it. Any help here?
  5. Z


    Who is the voice over in the new tropicana Light and healthy OJ commercial? It's the commercial with the oranges working out. I know the song is Olivia Newton John''s Let's Get Physical, but who is the narrator? It's driving me nuts!