1. B

    Tostitos Salsa

    Has anyone seen the new Tostitos Salsa ad with the animated flamenco dancer who slices the vegetables with her fan? The music sounds like Gypsy Kings. Actively looking for the artist, if there is one. Does anyone already know? Thanks so much!
  2. etrivett1989

    Tostitos football "The more we get together"

    Just heard this during the Fed Ex Orange Bowl, really cool shots of some football "culture" , anyone know where you can find this song?
  3. T

    Frito Lay Chips and Dips "Made For Each Other"

    Tostitos animated ad music Hi all - anyone know the song used in the new Tostitos animated commercial? Some lyrics are "so many ways"..."look around"..."put me down". Catchy tune, but I have no idea what it is. Thanks!