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    Time Warner Cable "Camping"

    " Storm clouds are gatherin And I'm still havin A good time " Then, something about dancing on sunshine. (I didn't find anything about on this site; did I miss it?) Apparenly, it is sung by actress Chloe Roe. I hope to see a video of this ad on the internet someday. I like this song very much...
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    Time Warner Cable

    Here in NC, USA, a Time Warner Cable commercial has some really nice music. Christmas theme. Anyone know who it is? Thanks.
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    Time Warner Hotcakes

    I'm looking for the name of the tune in a Time Warner ad where a man is in a diner that serves nothing but hotcakes. The waitress tells him they're selling like, well....hotcakes! He asks how they did it and she directs him to the TV on the wall which is running their ad for hotcakes. TIA
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    Time Warner Cable Road Runner High Speed

    Saw one of their high speed commercials where it shows peoples faces as if air is being blown in their face (ie: high speed). Any ideas on the song?