1. A

    Tide "Closet Raid" liquid detergent

    Hi, I am looking for Tide liquid detergent ad with disco beat. Mother of teen daughter borrows green top of daughter's to go out partying with gf's and gets a stain on the top, uses Tide to get it out, and daughter doesn't know top was borrowed. Commercial airs mostly at night.TIA. I did try...
  2. jca

    Tide Febreze Sport

  3. K

    Tide detergent

    There is a relatively new Tide commercial that has a song that includes the lyrics "I see life in technicolor, I see love on every corner." I've tried Googling to find out what the song is and who sings it, but the only result is a song by Coldplay, which is not it. Can anybody help? Thanks!
  4. M

    Tide Coldwater

    There is a new Tide commercial about "Get out of the old and into the cold." Does anyone know what the song is called and who it is by? Thanks!
  5. K

    Tide Coldwater

    the tide cold water commercial.. where all the lights turn on.. the song..? its like.. ah-ha..ah-ha.. ah-ha.. but better sounding =/ XD
  6. Danie450

    Tide with Bleach

    Theres this commercial for tide w/bleach and the kinks are singing, but I don't know the song title. anyone know?
  7. A


    It's a bit of an older laundry commercial and it has a well known song playing in the back ground. It's a song that was a hit in the past, I know that for sure. The lyrics sound like: "I'm going out to the country, isn't that where you wanna go?" You can hear what sounds like a flute/piccolo.