1. J

    French Tennis Open 2015

    I'm trying to find the music which plays alongside the TV advertisement for the French Tennis Open (Roland-Garros) 2015.
  2. N

    U.S. Open tennis

    It might be a longshot, but I was wondering if anyone could identify this ad music. It's from 1987, so yes, it might be a longshot. Thanks anyway.
  3. Cindy90210

    WTA Aegon Eastbourne

    Can anyone tell me please whats the song in this video
  4. Cindy90210

    WTA tennis

    Uhm hi I'm cindy from boston , can anyone tell me the name of this song , i recorded a short clip and upload it lol ..pls listen it and tell me the tittle of this song here is audio clip =>
  5. Lmo

    WTA "Sugar and Spice" tennis

    Anyone know the music in the background of this really cool commercial of the top women in todays tennis? Here is a link of the commericial I have been seeing but the groove genre melody is definitely growing. Searched the forums but it doesn't appear that anyone else have been inquiring, but...
  6. D

    Kia Australian Open

    Dudes! what's the name of this song! Thanks!
  7. J

    French Open on DirecTV

    They just played a song on the French Open Channel 702. It sounded like Michael Buble, but I'm not sure who it was. It had this line in it---So you want to be a rock star---but I know that is a song and it wasn't that song. I love this song, whatever it is. Can anyone help????
  8. M

    WTA Charleston tennis

  9. O

    ESPN Jelena Dokic

    Anyone know the first piece of background music on this?, was on espn a few months ago
  10. O

    BBC Wimbledon Montage 2001

    Anyone know the music in this clip? - I know i've heard it before somewhere :confused:
  11. K

    Lacoste French Open Andy Roddick

    I wrote Lacoste asking for the song used in their French Open/ Andy Roddick commercial seen during the French Open on Tennis Channel. They got back to me within a day, impressive! Here is their response: We thank you for your message and your interest in our brand. Further to your inquiry...
  12. M

    French Open tennis

    does anyone know the title of the new 2009 theme ESPN uses for the Grand Slam tennis tournaments?
  13. O

    Roger Federer Spirit of a Champion documentary

    Does anyone know the background music in this video - I've searched everywhere for the dvd seeing if it has any details of it would be massivey appreciated thanks :)
  14. O

    2004 Wimbledon Tennis Keith Wilson poem "Xpelair"

    Hi, if anyone can tell me the music used at the start of this video it would be much appreciated, thanks :)
  15. B

    US Open tennis

    At the end of tonghts match (8/7/06) between Federer and Blake, during the credits there was music that sounded a little like rock but the only lyrics i could make out was... Scream your heart out.
  16. S

    Wimbledon tennis

    I was wondering what the theme is for NBC's Wimbledon coverage. It has trumpets and sounds kinda regal. Thanks
  17. Z

    US Open tennis

    USA Networks had a commercial for the US Open (i think) last year. It was a techno like song and the only lyrics were "Bounce one, two, one two." Does anybody remember that and know what is the name of that song?