taco bell

  1. waiting4lunch

    Taco Bell "Last Bite"

    What song is this featured in the Taco Bell "Last Bite" ad? The ad can be viewed here http://ispot.tv/a/7ZkY. Please Help!! I've heard the song before and it's killing me that I can't think of who it is.
  2. Compudoc

    Taco Bell Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos "Hola"

    Did an extensive search for this particular commercial. A man is sitting at a bus stop and it is raining. He sees a sign for Doritos Cooler Ranch. There is a singer in the background performing, I believe, a Spanish language version of Lionel Ritchie's "Hello". Who is the singer? Sounded to...
  3. 8

    Taco Bell

    Who sings this? "One more time, one more time, say you're leavin', say goodbye" Sounds like an oldie from KC and the Sunshine Band...
  4. justinother2001

    Taco Bell

    ive been seeing it on CBS during and after dave letterman, it has the lyrics "everybody come with me to the " and then a voice over talks about taco bell. it has a newer sound to it but sounds like its possibly a cover of an older song, but im not sure. any help is appreciated!!!!!
  5. sweeneymc

    Taco Bell Fourth Meal

    Hi all: I've searched every possible combination of words for this in the forums and nothing has come up so I do not believe I am duplicating an entry: Looking for the song title/artist playing in the background of the Taco Bell "Fourth Meal" ads currently playing on ESPN & ESPN.com. Only...
  6. farbeyond

    Taco Bell Frutista Freeze

    Hi, recently saw a commercial for Taco Bell's new frozen Fruitista Freeze drink that used the song: Rupert Holmes - "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" Get It At: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000VZV9KY/?tag=adtunes-20
  7. M

    Taco Bell Crunchy Cheesy Gorditas

    I don't know if it was Taco Bueno or Taco Bell, but there was a commercial that I barely caught where they were just showing this taco wrap thing and there was a song that was pretty cool. It was a guy singing, and it was kind of a laid back rock song and the lyrics were kind of like "One More...
  8. D

    Taco Bell Cheesy Beefy Melty

    Its a new taco bell commercial that is advertising some new cheesy beef thing and the song is kind of electronicy
  9. N

    Taco Bell Fourth Meal

    What is the name of the song in the new Taco Bell commercials? It has a great guitar and drumbeat and appears every so often.