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    Suave Professionals shampoo

    The song goes sorta like "Ya sing ooh la la la la come on y'all" It's in the most recent just has the girl with sort of light browninsh hair just moving her head around... Thanks in advance!
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    Suave shampoo split screen

    Hi all! There is a great new Suave commercial (not the invisible moms or the opera moms) with a split screen; on the top is a hot mom, dancing around and flirty with cool hair, and on the bottom she's doing chores and dealing with kids and such. The lyrics are like Ooooh, la la, Said oooh la...
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    Suave shampoo

    What is the name of the song in the Suave commercial where they show the lady and then she has a kid and lets herself go and at the end she has 3 kids and looks great. It sounds classical. My daughter LOVES it! She's 11 months old and will stop everything and spin around to stare at the tv...
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    Suave shampoo "Invisible Mother"

    Suave shampoo "Invisible Mother" Has anyone here seen the Suave commercial where the mother is invisible? My father likes the music in the ad, but I don't know what it is or who plays it. Help! Thank you.