state farm

  1. T

    State Farm "Running"

    Does anyone know if this song is real and if it is does anyone know the name of it?
  2. estioe

    State Farm

    The song is sung by a woman, and some lyrics include "these scars" and "we will recover." It's the State Farm commercial that goes from one scene to the next of what seems like the "lives" of a family, from their wedding, to their first Christmas, and then a disaster to their home, and then...
  3. I

    State Farm "MLB Tiny Fans"

    Here is the video: I cannot figure out the lyrics for the life of me. C'mon C'mon, something something something. Ideas?
  4. Z

    State Farm "Being Cool"

    Anyone know the name of the song the man is singing behind the wheel in the latest state farm commercial? It's an old school tune and I cannot remember it- Thanks
  5. S

    State Farm Better Teen Driving

    Does anyone know who sings the song in the car insurance commercial that shows teen drivers getting their picture taking at the DMV? It's a cover of the 16 going on 17 song from the Sound of Music. Thanks.
  6. N

    State Farm "Baby Girl"

    Forgive me if this has already been asked. I searched and couldn't find it. I am wondering if anyone knows the piano piece from the State Farm "I'm there" commercial with the man holding his newborn child. It's a beautiful song, and I'd like to know if it's publicly available. Here's the...