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    Shell helix ultra transparent car

    Cannot find the soundtrack from new shell's advertise with crystal car
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    Shell "Let's Go"

    This is a long shot, but I'm hoping to get some help ID'ing the music in a commercial that's started airing in the US recently. It's an ad for Shell Oil featuring a couple on a scooter (presumably in Malaysia). They're waiting at a light and the narrator says something like "When this light...
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    Shell extraordinary movement

    The shell (Gas) commercial, which talks about extraordinary motion or something, really cool music. Cant find it. Help!
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    Hey guys. i just saw a new shell commercial yesterday. they showed people playing different types of sports. but often u see a table tennis ball going back and forth across the table. meanwhile a techno type music is playing in the back. there r no lyrics. its pretty nice music. can some1 find...
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    Shell Helix Ultra

    I mean the tv commercial of the engine oil where people dive into transparent clear water, splash and generally have fun. The idea is that this certain oil is as fresh to the engine as water for us. I've seen it on the russian channel NTV and i'm not sure anyone of you has watched it. But i hope...
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    I'm looking for the name of the song that plays in the background of a Shell commercial. The Commercial talks about Jim Ray (a marine biologist) and the protection of the 'The Flower Garden Banks', a coral reef located 100 miles off the coast, in the Gulf of Mexico. The song has kind of a...