1. B

    Schick Hydro

    There are two Schick Hydro spots in the US on TV. The one to which I am trying to find the music airs primarily on G4, and has a shot of a guy playing goalie at street hockey (when the ball hits him, it turns to water). The music to the other one was apparently composed by the ad agency. Does...
  2. tashie

    Schick Quattro TrimStyle for Women

    does anyone know the song in this commercial? i'm sure it's fairly new, tonight was the first time i've seen it. there weren't any words, just a female voice doing some 'ahh'-ing. kind of sounded like feist.
  3. J

    Schick Quattro for Women

    it begins with a thorny branch being shaved, its a nice, smooth song, and it plays on mtv a lot......thanks -its not that old one with the girl from fast and the furious