red bull

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    Red Bull Crashed Ice Championship

    I recently saw a promo for the Red Bull Crashed Ice Championship 2011 and the music they played for it was amazing.It was an orchestral piece with a choir, does anyone know the name of this music?
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    World of Red Bull French

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find the tune that's playing this Red Bull commercial. You can see it in French cinemas, before the trailers start. It's the first part of the French version of the World of Red Bull ads. Here is a link to see the ad on Red Bull's french website...
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    Red Bull Ian Walsh

    Hey does anyone know the music playing in this? It also sounds like something used in the movie "In God's Hands" If you can help, thanks!
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    Red Bull Flugtag

    there is a fairly new commercial for red bull flugtag. its not 4 a specific event but it has a band march song in it and i reconize it but cant put a finger on it...if nebody can help me out that wud b gr8 cuz its drivin me nutz