radio shack

  1. E

    RadioShack "League of Heroes"

    Does anybody recognize this music?
  2. this4lyn

    RadioShack Samsung Vibrant A Galaxy S Phone 2010

    Does anyone know the name of the song used in this RadioShack Samsung Vibrant A Galaxy S Phone commercial from 2010?
  3. P


    Cant find out the name of this song. i assume that it is also by DiscoCrew but i cannot find this song anywhere. Im pretty sure its not Husvgna either
  4. farbeyond

    RadioShack "Tear Into It"

    Radio Shack's commercial called "Tear Into It" uses the song: Cold Cave - "Life Magazine" Get It At:
  5. G

    RadioShack "Holiday in Phonelandia" ski resort

    Does anyone know who did the song for the radioshack commercial that has cellphones vacationing at a ski resort? it's a catchy tune, but I just can't place it. Thanks!:)
  6. jca

    RadioShack "Phonelandia"
  7. W

    RadioShack aquarium

    I posted earlier about another Radioshack ad. Seems like they've come out with some quick catchy music for their recent barrage of ads. Kind of like Apple has done in the past with iPod ads. Whether calling themselve's "The Shack" is a good idea is another subject. Anyway... They have an ad...
  8. B

    RadioShack "Phones via Phones"

    Just saw one of the latest Radio Shack commercials that has some wicked background music. According to Radio Shacks Facebook page, the name of the ad is "Phones via Phones". Hoping that someone will be able to identify it! Thanks in advance!:o
  9. W

    RadioShack "The Shack"

    Does anyone know the song (and artist) that is played in the new Radioshack "The Shack" ad? The voice sounds a little like the Strokes. It's brief and has the lyrics: I want you for my myself. I said, I want you for myself. I don't need nobody else. You know how I can tell.... Thanks in...
  10. T

    RadioShack Santa Clause diner

    Just saw this one and it is pretty quiet, but I love this Christmas song... I just don't know what it is: Anyone know?
  11. B


    rockish song, very hip very alternative and catchy the guy wakes up in his messy dorm, hits print on his laptop next to his bed, cuts to a new printer printing his essay, then he gets dressed, puts on sandals, grabs his cellphone cuz his alarm for remembering to print his college essay is...
  12. Y

    RadioShack "Go Digital"

    it takes place in an apartment. the guy has all these records everywhere. the girl is a little upset and leaves. she comes back and the guy cleaned up the records and put them all onto his ipod, that is playing a song. what is the song that is playing in the commercial?