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    QVC Christmas

    Does anybody know what music is played on the QVC Christmas commercial entitled "Christmas Presents"? It is all instrumental and sounds like a jazz record from the fifties or sixties. It is piano, bass, guitar and drums. The commercial shows two presents wrapped in brightly-colored paper sitting...
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    I heard a beat on QVC(A shopping channel) It was anywhere between 8:10 AM and 8:20 AM. They were showing Breezies Set of 6 Cotton Panties with UltimAir lining..Item number A-22951. I just would like to know what song it was. It sounds a little bit like 50 cent's In da club, but I'm not sure...
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    The first commercial is an ond home depot commercial. The music is a big band jazz thing and I don't know if it is a real song but I do have it. please listen. The next one is and old QVC commercial it is big band also. I know this is a real song because I have heard it everywhere and just...