1. F

    Playstation PS3 2011 E3 promo

    Hi can someone help me, i what to know whats the name of the songs of this video. the one that starts at 1:58m and 2:43m Thanks alot
  2. M

    PS3 Live Long Play "Michael"

    I'm looking for the song that starts when the soldier starts talking about Omaha. It's a beautiful song. I've heard it was maybe on Band of Brothers?? PLEASE help me find it! Thanks! Matt
  3. batchelert

    PS3 "This is Living" UK

    Hi All, I've been searching high and low, but can't seem to find the main song in this advert. In fact it took me forever to find the ad in the first place. Would appreciate any help you could offer. Cheers
  4. BelovID


    Hey everyone, tis been awhile but suddenly a song popped up and I'm here immediately for extra help on finding out who/what it is. I'm really wanting it! Mayhem PS3/X360 I of course also asked right below the video itself on GT, so I'll be hoping for an update there as well. Thanks in advance!
  5. H

    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

    I wanna know the name of this song.
  6. D

    Playstation Move

    Looking for the song in this ad at E3 for the Playstation Move. Obviously it's a Mash up of Young Mc's "Bust a Move". Anyone know where to find it?
  7. I

    PS3 montage

    Hey! Hoping someone can help identify this song or even the artist of the song... This is the commercial playing in 2009 in the US, where the guy is a new owner of a ps3 and asks what they've got... Kevin Butler replies with "two words: mon tage". They then show a few games, some cool scenes...
  8. Jason192

    PS3 Slim launch

    There's this fan made PS3 ad that has a song in it that I'd like to know the title of. It's not in the comments/description nor has the user replied to the email I sent a few days ago. It's sounds like a movie soundtrack. Thanks!
  9. K

    MAG Massive Action Game Any ideas?
  10. K

    Playstation Network

    Can anyone tell me anything about the music for the ad enclosed in the clip, i've been looking for a while and haven't been able to come up with anything and its starting to drive me nuts. I really like the music in this add, i find it kind of relaxing in my own kinda way. Any help would be...
  11. D

    PlayStation 3 "Fun, Anyone?"

    Hi, can someone please help identify the music from the Sony Playstation 'Fun Anyone' ad. Video is here: This ad is for all Sony Playstation products - PS2, PS3, PSP; the ad isn't focused on any one console.
  12. H

    PlayStation Network

    What is the song from the "PlayStation Network" commercial? Where there are a bunch of people on a city street, and they all have different video shots from PS games on their shirts. The song is kinda upbeat, guitar based, and sung by a guy. It starts out as "Things just keep multiplying, from...
  13. G

    PlayStation 3 "Murals"

    Can't find the name of the song on the latest Playstation 3 ad featuring a male singer with the lyrics "And you don't stop, and you don't quit. Don't stop, don't quit." The man in the ad draws on the side of a building and then it changes to various games and movies, including a clip of "The...
  14. S

    Playstation 3 "Wish List"

    Does anyone know the song in the new ps3 commercial? Where there is a guy and a woman standing outside in the dark and in the background they are showing a ps3 game.
  15. Q

    Playstation 3 Promo Music

    Does anyone know the song used in the new Playstation 3 ad? The music has some guy speaking into a loud speaker over a thumping rock soundtrack. The Playstation 3 ad has the Playstation morphing around into the several difference uses for the box (like Blu-Ray player, Home, etc.) Any help...
  16. Jason192

    Playstation 3 "Play B3yond"

    Playstation 3 "Play B3yond" Here is a video about the PS3's processor. Does anyone know any of the music throughout the whole video? Sometimes it sounds as if the moods of this song changes which means it could be several songs blended in together. I kind of have a feeling it might be all...
  17. C

    PS3 Promo Video

    Nice track. the consol looks awsome. the preview of the guy playing the flight game and moving the controler to turn the plane look good. new age technology (unless hes just one of those people who moves his body to whatever the character does thinking it will make the character beter)
  18. S

    PS3 preview trailer

    This is a montage of launch games for PS3 i wanted to know the song? i dont even have a clue what band it sounds like sry