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    Progressive Insurance "Perfect Pairings"

    Here's the ad in question: I tried both Shazam and SoundHound. SoundHound came up blank, and Shazam told me it's...a Progressive commercial. So, does that mean it's written just for the commercial? Any help identifying the song/artist...
  2. T

    Progressive Insurance Snapshot

    Does anyone know the r&b/soul music in the progressive insurance snap shot commercial? thanks.
  3. W

    Progressive "Hotel"

    Does anyone know what this cute little tune is in the Progressive hotel commercial? It's the one with the clarinet. Thanks!
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    Progressive Auto Insurance "Believe"

    Does anyone know the name of the song and /or group that plays the jingle in these new Progressive ads?
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    Progressive Auto Insurance "Sleeper"

    theres a commercial on tv where the mom brings her sleeping daughter in and says she acked into a pole and her daughter didnt wake up and she gets a car. its for a company called progressive. there is a song playing throughout the commercial i would really like to know what it is.