1. F

    2016 Toyota Prius "Hunters"

    Can someone pls tell me the name of the song playing in the background of this commercial
  2. K

    2012 Toyota Prius V "More Efficient"

    Does anyone know what the song is in the new Prius ad. It shows the various seasons with the vehicle and the song featured is sung by a woman and they lyrics go "come along, come along, baby baby come along, baby baby come along with me" Thanks in advance
  3. jca

    Toyota Lets the Love Flow

    For a new 2010 Toyota Prius commercial, Toyota commissioned the services of a distinct vocal harmony on the song "Let Your Love Flow" to complement the sunny visuals created for their popular auto: For this 3rd generation Toyota Prius commercial, singer Petra Haden sings an a capella cover...
  4. K

    2010 Toyota Prius "Solar"

    Anybody know anything about the song on the commercial for the 3rd generation Prius? It's an acapella female voice singing "da dee da".
  5. A

    2010 Toyota Prius "Harmony" "Let Your Love Flow" cover

    Anyone know the artist/album for the cover of "Let Your Love Flow" in the new Toyota Prius ad? Thanks, Fred
  6. N

    2007 Toyota Prius

    Does anyone know what song this is in the commercial?
  7. S

    Toyota Prius

    This commercial has a car being built of sticks and leaves then dissembling talking of how their goal is to leave no impact on the environment.
  8. A

    Toyota Prius

    Ok so I have been ripping my hair out trying to find this song and to no avail. The commercial involves people holding signs that say "Yes". If anyone could tell me the name that would be great! =)
  9. barishiman

    Toyota Prius Superbowl

    I think the commercial played during the third quarter of the game. Toyota was advertising their fuel effecient Prius. Both people and cars were stationary, but their legs/wheels were moving. The Prius would dodge the stationary cars while there was a narrative. The music was by a piano and I...
  10. P

    Toyota Prius

    whats the song in the prius comercial, the one with the E and the arrow like waiting to be able to meet. un some guys in costumes