1. flataffect

    Overstock.com Father's Day

    The only lyric in the ad is as follows: "You are the one that I adore. I couldn't love you any more. You could have most anything, my dear, All right here" I'd like to know who the singer is and if the recording is available to purchase. The ad is on Youtube at
  2. W

    Overstock.com Mother's Day

    There is a recent commercial advertising Overstock.com, I think it maybe especially advertising for Mother's Day. In the song some of the words that the woman singing sings are "it's all right here". Any ideas?
  3. K


    The newest Overstock.com commercial features Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liar, in case anybody's wondering.
  4. A


    Hi everyone, there is a commercial from Overstock.com of a girl and a guy in a shanty farm singing what it sounds like a very soft, love country music song. The guy is playing a Guitar and the woman is singing alongside him. If anybody can tell me the name of the song, the artist (s) would be...