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    Universal Orlando "Vacation Like You Mean It"

    I'm not sure if this is too obvious to be worth posting, but the "Vacation Like You Mean It" ads from Universal Studios Orlando feature "Ready To Go" by Panic! At The Disco (which also appears in the Yogi Bear movie). (iTunes)
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    Orlando Magic Playoffs

    Does anyone know what this is from, I think its a movie, but im not sure. The Orlando Magic use it in all their playoff commercials and not knowing what is its making me crazy. Its been racking my brain for weeks now. You can hear it by clicking the link below. The video is from last year but...
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    Southwest Airlines "Orlando Makes Me Smile"

    Does anyone know the song from the Southwest Airlines commercial about Orlando. Its entitled "Little Girl Swimming" (from the "Orlando Makes Me Smile" campaign)". It sounds like Jets to Brazil or some off-branded acoustic song.