old spice

  1. GtrKng2

    Old Spice Tony Stewart Swagger body wash

    I'm looking for the song in this commercial that starts right as he knocks down the hood of his car: http://www.oldspice.com/videos/all/12/Tony_Stewart_15/
  2. D

    Old Spice Swagger LL Cool J

    What is the horn music playing at the end when he's talking about the deodorant from about 0:16 to 0:32. Here's a link to the commercial: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrSNzSkvi70
  3. A

    Old Spice High Endurance Clear Gel "I am a Man"

    Im looking for the music from an old spice commercial, the lyrics for the song go "I am a man, I am what I am". I can't remember exactly what product of old spice the commercial is for. I will post it here if I see the commercial again. Thanks in advance. PS. I did search the forum for this...
  4. J

    Old Spice Red Zone dance club

    Anyone know the song playing in the Old Spice commercial where the sweaty girl in black leather pants is dancing in some club? It says something about sweat looking good on her, but not on some dude.