1. A

    Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream

    Does anyone know what the song in this commercial is?
  2. I

    Olay Kim Cattrall

    Can anyone provdie the name of the song in the new Olay BodyWash commercial. View commercial here.
  3. O

    Olay Regenerist

    There is a current Olay commercial using an awesome Bonobo tune called "Transmission 94, Pt. 1 and 2" but I am not sure if it was for the Eye Illuminator product or for some Regenerist product...
  4. R

    Olay Quench

    Does anyone know the music used in the recent Olay Quench commercials? There are a bunch of women in the desert, "praying for moisutre," and when Quench enters the picture, they get all celebratory and start dancing. Wonderful stuff, can anyone please help? Many Thanks!
  5. S

    Olay Definity Eye Illuminator

    the commercial is for the Olay Definity Eye Illuminator product. does anyone know the song? please check it out at olay.com, and click on "view video" for the Eye Illuminator. it is such a calm tune =)
  6. audboi

    Oil of Olay Regenerist Eye Dermapod

    Does anyone kbnow the artist and title of the song used in the Oil of Olay Regenerist Eye Dermapod television advertisement?
  7. leone


    "Stuck in the Middle with You" by Stealers Wheel. Available on .
  8. utterguz

    Olay Silk

    Anyone familiar with the bouncy instrumental jazzy-light tune in the Olay Silk commercial? Latin perc w/keys into flute lead. Have seen it on basic cable here in Los Angeles. (Food and/or Comedy) Actually have a version of the tune on a MiniDisc recording of a Web-radio chillout station...
  9. D

    Oil of Olay

    Anyone know the singer of the song? It sounds like a man humming a quiet, almost lullaby-type song. It's the new commercial for Oil of Olay Complete Multi-Radiance. I searched on their website and couldn't find anything so I emailed them...still waiting for a response and wanted to see if...
  10. stonefox_gurl


    There is a new Olay commercial out with a song that's sorta calming... I can't quite remember what the stuff was (maybe a facial cleanser or something) but there was a woman humming in the background
  11. M

    Oil of Olay

    They mention something about an eyelift, how you don't really need one or whatever, or shouldn't pay for one since this bottle of wonderful stuff works so much better, but that's hardly important since the whole time this really cool techno tune is playing. What is it?