1. M

    Nivea Smooth Sensation

    the name of the artist show up to quick, i think it starts with a "D", a female singer. the name of the song is "Window" the lyrics are "wanted to be like a window looking though....." i forget the rest. can anyone tell me the name of the artist?
  2. thunderbirdlver

    Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

    i see this one when i am watching adult swim. its one of their aftershave commercials where the guy had his face in a bowl of cereal. i got to the website and find it but its different music. i search the net and find the commercial but again the music is different. there are no words just...
  3. L


    I know there are a lot of Nivea questions out there... and I assure you, I have read all of them trying to find this song. I was just hearing the commercial and loved the song. I couldn't see the TV, but my mom said it was for an anti cellulite cream made by Nivea. I heard the song played...
  4. muterose

    Nivea My Silhouette "You Were There"

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure out the song that's in the recent Nivea My Silhouette ad that has the lyrics: mixed up and lost you showed me love at no cost and when nobody else cared you were there thank you for the (job?) you've given me thank you Anyone know what this is? Cheers, Rose
  5. emwalsh2

    Nivea Lotion

    I just saw this commercial for the first time today for some sort of nivea lotion. I don't remember any specifics. the lyrics were something like "love, love, love her name is love" but I could be way off on that. and no, not the beatles.
  6. J


    Anoyone know what song this is from a Nivea Summer Beauty commercial?
  7. jca

    Nivea for Men

    The original thread about the "all night party" commercial for Nivea for Men Energizing Hydro Gel was lost, so I'm putting the (unanswered) thread back here. Also, the song was not "You're Gonna Say Yeah" by Hushpuppies, as someone had suggested. (That was for a different Nivea ad.)