1. Shutte1919

    NCAA College Game Day

    I am looking for a specific NCAA college game day commercial, I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t seem to find it. The song that is used on the commercial is Options by NF. Can someone please find it! Thank you!
  2. G

    LSU "Reviews"

    Hey. Anybody know the music from this epic LSU ad playing during their football games?
  3. F

    BCS National Championship Game

    Does anyone know the song that played during the pregame video package that ended with the word "Gametime." Brent Musburger was narrating the package. It sounded like B.o.B, but I'm not absolutely positive on that. It started with like an acoustic guitar, then had some female vocals (might have...
  4. D

    LSU vs Alabama

    From CBS Sports. It's also the song in the background of the Jack in the Box Breakfast Platter commercial. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. E

    LSU vs Alabama

    anybody know the name of the song?
  6. T

    2011 Big 12 Conference Football PSA

    Does anyone know the song from the 2011 commercial? It sounds like an older western movie song thats been mixed. Look up Big 12 PSA on YouTube.
  7. L

    CBS 11-22-08 Ole Miss vs. LSU Let it Ride song

    I was just watching the ole miss - lsu game on cbs and they played one of those game-highlight-set-to-music montages when they were coming back from commercial. It was kinda of a dancy, hip-hoppy song with female-sounding vocals, but i couldn't get anything except "let it ride" a whole bunch of...
  8. A

    USC football

    Hi--Just caught the tail-end of a song at the finish of the USC game. Showed the band (didnt say the name)--"living the dream, that's what life's all about"--something about "toughin' it out", etc. Couldnt get more of the lyrics, but the song was cool. Ideas? TIA Alison