1. BRorabaugh

    NASCAR Playoffs 2022 Homestead Miami

    I am looking for the song in this Homestead Miami ad but I cannot find it. Can somebody help? View:
  2. F

    NASCAR Sprint Cup

  3. nini31

    NASCAR RaceDay

    Does anyone know what song was played a few weeks back when raceday was showing a montage of tony stewart flipping and the words are im livin life in the fast lane cause its all i know Don't try to catch me Won't never go I can't slow down You can say what you want to But I just don't care...
  4. W

    NASCAR 1988 Daytona 500

    Does anyone know the name of this song that played during the starting lineup of the 1988 Daytona 500? It aired under CBS. There is a YouTube link below. I think it is by Mark Wood, but I'm not completely 100% sure.
  5. R

    NASCAR "Twist"

    Is this for the "For every twist there's a turn" promo? That's the one in which I'm interested. The music is classical (sounds like it anyway) or perhaps adapted from a movie score. It is very dramatic. It uses a piano in the background as a counterpoint melody, and the orchestra for the...
  6. Guest

    Toyota Racing NASCAR "Housewife"

    Anyone know the singer for the song in this spot?
  7. farbeyond


    Hi, just saw a commercial for Nascar on ESPN this morning which used the song: Guns N' Roses - "Welcome To The Jungle" Get It At: The commercial's theme is "feel your heart race"; and it features short clips of adrenaline rush activities...
  8. O

    Lowe's NASCAR

    Can anyone identify the epic, opera, high energy piece that is playing in the latest Lowe's commercial. I do know that there's a shot of a NASCAR vehicle and a racetrack. I know the song has been used in other commercials but I just can't place it. Thanks!