1. M

    Apple Mac Pro 2013 assembly video

    Apple added a new promo video about thew new 2013 Mac Pro. Can anyone identify the song?
  2. S

    Apple 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

  3. T

    Apple G4 Powerbook "Universe"

    I came across this commerical on YouTube that featured the old 17 inch powerbooks from Apple and it really had this neat song in it. There have been many comments before but none of them actually led to a song title. Can you help deterimine if it's really from an artist or just one of thos...
  4. Y

    Mac OS X Lion

    Can anyone name the songs in this vid?
  5. K

    2010 MacBook Air

    What is the music used in the 2010 MBA's TV ad?! Best I could do with Shazam (took almost 10 tries to get a proper tag because of voice over on the commercial) is either Sea of Glass by Tom Middleton or Metamorphosis One by Philip Glass. I believe Sea...
  6. M

    MacBook Air Promo Video Music

    Can anyone identify the background music used in the promo video for the new MacBook Air that just launched October 20, 2010? I'm not looking for the music from the Ad, but the Promo Video. There are Two different tunes in this one. They used the same tune at the beginning and end, but they are...
  7. Y

    Apple MacBook design video

    Does anyone know the Video the MacBook Design Video, Its the new one it has this cool video background Music ! Theres the link its the video u see below the macs ! Thanks !
  8. evansls

    Apple Intel

    Hello! Apple launched a few new mac/ipod commercials today -- one in particular that interested in me was the new one for the intel macs. Here is the commerical featuring the instrumental song: Does anyone have any ideas as to what the song/artist is on this...