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    L'Oreal Paris Bright Reveal Peel Pads

    Anyone know this commercial music from the commercial with Jennifer Lopez for L'Oreal? https://www.ispot.tv/ad/Ay5j/loreal-paris-bright-reveal-peel-pads-exfoliating-jennifer-lopez It was also used at the RNC convention in a longer format.
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    L'Oreal Paris Feria Hair Colour featuring Cheryl Cole

    New Feria Hair Colour by L'Oreal Paris Official TV Advert featuring Cheryl Cole The Song in the the new TV commercial by L'Oreal featuring Cheryl Cole is called PRETTY GIRL and made by STOCKHOLM SYNDROME Download the track: Pretty Girl by Stockholm Syndrome...
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    L'Oreal Voluminious Million Lashes Jennifer Lopez

    Does anyone know the song in the background of the Jennifer Lopez L'oreal Voluminious Million Lashes commercial? I cannot find it anywhere. Thanks!
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    L'Oreal Excellence Creme

    Does anybody know the song that plays in Loreal Excellence Creme 2010 commercial? If you know it please, please, pretty...
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    L'Oreal Superior Preference Elizabeth Banks

    I would really like to find out what song that is, it's almost like an ambient trance song. Does anyone know? or know a way to find out? Thanks alot Jonny This is a really bad video of it, but at least you'll know the commercial i'm talking about:
  6. A

    L'Oreal True Match

    the song i'm looking for is a Loreal preference hair color commercial. its got a techno beat to it. this is not the same vid but the beat is similar. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_D4890D5aM
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    L'Oreal Plenitude

    Hey Guys, hope you can identify the background music of the old campaign of L'Oreal Plenitude from the nineties. It´s about the synthy, breathy chimes sound that was typical for that decade of L'Oreal commercials. Here the examples: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmOosFBdVKo...
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    L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara

    Does anyone know what song is playing during the L'oreal Double Extend Mascara? I'm afraid that the music may have been created specifically for the commercial but I still have hope that it's a real song!
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    L'Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes

    Hi Folks. Can you identify the song in the L'Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes commercial? It features Linda Evangelista. It has strings in it at some point, and it sounds very nice. I'm pretty sure the song remains the same internationally, but I hear it every week during Project Runway...
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    L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolor Beyonce

    What song is featured with the commercial featuring Beyonce, advertising the Loreal Infallible Make Up. The singer sounds like it's prince...I'm dying to know what it is.
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    L'Oreal Jane Fonda

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can tell me the piece of music used in the recent Jane Fonda L'Oreal advert, its a frequently used piece but I just have never known what it's called, it's in many other ads. Any ideas?? Much Appreciated