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    LL Bean Winter Gear

    Anyone know what this music is? Was it written just for LL Bean? The dominant feature is a carefree whistle. The song is simple and acoustic, starts with a guitar or similar stringed instrument.
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    LL Bean holiday

    Valley Winter Song by Fountains of Wayne Here's a YouTube of the song (not the L.L. Bean ad) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ctu406Wa2Ik
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    LL Bean

    ok ive been seeing this ll bean ad and it has acoustic music in it...it sounds awesome....i search and found another ad from ll bean and it was determined to be Bibio's Bewley in Grey which is found in this thread http://adtunes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=81353 but this is a new ll bean...
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    L.L. Bean outerwear ad

    Hello. Here to share some info about the new L.L. Bean ad music ... It's the one talking about putting their outerwear to the test by having the folks at the Mt. Washington observatory wear and work in them ... the place is covered in A LOT of snow and some poor guy is shown trying to shovel a...
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    LL Bean

    Hello, does any know whats the song played during the LL bean commerical where its shows them testing clothes, its a acoustic guitar musi