1. H

    LensCrafters "See What You Love NYC"

    What about the song in the newest Lenscrafters See What You Love spot. Here's a link to the video of YouTube. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. H

    LensCrafters "See What You Love"

    Does anyone know the song from the newest Lens Crafters ad. Ad shows a pair of hands shaping a lens. Very catch tune. Thanks.
  3. PiratesLife_ForMe


    I've never seen this ad before, so I'm guessing it's new. It has a soft electronic-y sound to it, kinda. I'm thinking it had something to do with, "Don't let your glasses make you look older than you are." It has a woman dressed up, ready to go out in a nice black dress and then she has glasses...
  4. S

    LensCrafters "Happiness"

    Hey does anyone know what song they play on the Lenscrafters commercial. It's the commercial when people are like jumping around and it says happiness a few times. The song is a kind of dance song. Thanks