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    Lay's chips "Happy"

    This one is from the list of 30 freakiest ads of 2009, and I was wondering what the song was in the Lay's commercial where everyone turns into those used-car-lot balloons. "When the sun comes out from behind the rainclouds..." etc.
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    Frito Lay Chips and Dips "Made For Each Other"

    Tostitos animated ad music Hi all - anyone know the song used in the new Tostitos animated commercial? Some lyrics are "so many ways"..."look around"..."put me down". Catchy tune, but I have no idea what it is. Thanks!
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    Lays potato chips raining

    I only caught a quick glimpse of the ad so forgive me if I'm horribly wrong. I am pretty sure it was for Lay's, mentioning healthier oils and stuff. It was raining potato chips. I heard a few different lyrics along the lines of "the sky is blue and the grass is green" "i will make you see you...