1. C

    Apple iPad Air "Your Verse Anthem"

    Is this a variation of Wagner's Vorspiel? Thanks.
  2. F

    Apple iPad 2

    Anyone know the music to this commercial?
  3. Y

    Apple iOS 5

    What are the song used in this vid?
  4. T

    Apple iPad Education

    The music that in this video,Thank you very much;) http://www.apple.com/education/ipad/
  5. Guest

    Apple iPad "If You Asked"

    Looking for the music used in the latest iPad commercial -- the "If You Asked" one. Ad is below. Can anyone place this?
  6. D

    Jay-Z Decoded app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

    Anyone know the song from this commercial?
  7. U

    Comcast Xfinity iPad App

    Does anyone happen to know the song from this commercial? I believe its the only commercial out for the xfinity ipad app. Near the end they show a persons hand controlling their tv from the ipad. The music starts with some whistling then at the end of the commercial it goes "good is good ___ is...
  8. E

    Verizon Apple iPad "Breakaway"

    There is a new Verizon Rule The Air commercial with the iPad. They're calling it "Breakaway". This guy is using the iPad with Verizon wireless internet and then his house dissolves cube by cube. Does anyone know the name of the song?
  9. W

    Apple iPad "Delicious"

    Have you seen the new iPad commercial? It features “Never Stop” from Chilly Gonzales. He has a new album coming out next month.
  10. A

    Apple iPad "What is iPad?"

    I Was wondering if anyone knows the title of the song heard in that commercial?
  11. C

    Apple iPad

    does anyone know the music to the newest ipad commercial?
  12. sardina266

    Apple iPad promo videos

    Can anyone identify the songs used in Apple's new iPad promo video... http://www.apple.com/ipad/#video Thanks!