1. T

    2010 Honda Insight "Gig"

    This new Honda Insight commercial aired on 4/20/09 during an episode of "Chuck". Everyone in the commercial is gathering for a concert. Does anyone know the song? Thanks!
  2. doctormemory

    2010 Honda Insight "Another Perfect Day" "Honey Tree" by Mostar Driving Club (Unreleased)
  3. J

    2010 Honda Insight "We Are All in This Together"

    Great Song here Chorus is 'We are all in this together' - anyone know what song it is?
  4. R

    2010 Honda Insight "Let It Shine" Song is composed by Berend Dubbe and Gwen Thomas. I'm wondering if there's a longer version of this song out, or a version without the voiceover? Thanks!
  5. mariaconfetti

    2010 Honda Insight "Beach"

    Anyone know the artist & song, male, some lyrics - another perfect day. See here: