1. C

    2014 SXSW IFC

    IFC was running a promo for SXSW with a band playing in the background, the lyrics were something similar to "tell your friends they're all invited" "we're going out of our heads" "we're going out of our minds" (those were the only verses I could make out while it was playing. Any help...
  2. C

    IFC Exorcist

    Back when Bullet in the Face was on the air (August I think?), they were playing a commercial for the Exorcist that had a somewhat dark and eerie electronic track/beat with samples from the movie worked in. Sadly, I have no example of the song but this is a total shot in the dark anyway. I...
  3. L


    Heard this on IFC...anyone know the name of the song? Sound Hound produced nothing. Thanks!
  4. T

    IFC Reggie Watts

    I saw an IFC short commercial/clip of a musician. He was black, had an afro, used some sort of synth and drum machine, and sang while holding a mic. He was on some sort of dark stage with the spotlight on him, and he had a pretty good voice. The commercial aired in October or November. Please...
  5. G

    Bollywood Hero

    Any one know the songs featured in the miniseries? http://www.ifc.com/bollywood-hero/video.php
  6. mhzbri

    IFC Commercial on AMC

    OK There is a commercial for IFC on AMC tonight... It was dance beat with vocals like every 4 beats, then it went away to the movie audio. Not sure what films were featured in the ad, but the music I meantioned is GREAT. Any clue? Thanks!