1. Darder

    HTC EVO 4G LTE from Sprint

    Then there is an entire 'orchestra' all playing music on their phones like keyboards and guitars. I'll try and find the ad on youtube havn't found one yet. Looking for what song they are playing. Thanks,
  2. X

    HTC One "Free Fall" Nick Jojola

    European versions of this ad use "Tick of the Clock" by The Chromatics, but not here. It's an 80s alternative tune that goes "ha...ha...ha...ha...ha..." Sort of like a metronome, I remember hearing in the day but I couldn't begin to name this song. Any clues?
  3. wibiyana

    HTC Sensation XE

    I really didnt know anything about the band and the song, help me, anyone??
  4. M

    Verizon HTC Rezound

    Verizon wireless is airing a spot featuring the htc rezound with hip hop Christmas music. Does anyone know the music from the spot?
  5. D

    HTC Rezound with Beats Audio

    Hello. I just saw a phone commercial playing a rap song in the background. A guy is walking through a city with headphones on. Cars and manhole covers are flying around him. He gets a phone call and the music pauses and the city around him freezes. I believe the product was a beats audio phone...
  6. A

    Verizon HTC Rhyme

    Anyone know what the music is for the new Verizon HTC Rhyme commercial? It was just released today.
  7. TheAdversary

    Bell Mobility HTC Sensation

    I cannot track down this track. The lyrics, as best as I can tell, are I / Will follow wherever you go / My heart beats like the ______ on the radio / If you fly through the sky / If you dive into the oceans below / I will follow you / Follow you wherever you go The track sounds...
  8. D

    HTC ThunderBolt at Verizon

    New HTC Thunderbolt at Verizon -"Future Phone You" Ad I saw tonight. Anyone know the music? Here's the link....
  9. Guest

    Verizon Thunderbolt by HTC

    Trying to ID the music in this video. Anyone recognize it?
  10. D

    Sprint HTC EVO 4G "Praise"

    Please!!! What is the name of the song from the new Evo Praise 4G commercial? It's the one that's filmed in the desert flats with all the statistics and that cute little green guy floating around looking at the statistics. I can't find the answer ANYWHERE!!!
  11. J

    Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    Does anyone know the name of this song? It's bothering me and alot of the others commenting on the video.
  12. B

    T-Mobile G2 Smartphone by HTC

    I've seen this commercial a few time over the last few weeks advertising a phone... from what I remember the commercial was very similar to an Apple Iphone commercial (if not actually being one) and most of the commercial doesn't have pronounced music, instead a narrator for a good portion of...
  13. N

    HTC "You" cellphone

    Anyone know the song that is used in the latest HTC Phone Commercial? It is on the tip of my tongue. The only music played in the commercial is a piano riff but I know there is an actual song that the riff is used in. thanks!