home depot

  1. C

    Behr Paint at Home Depot

    Does anyone know who sings the song on the behr paint home depot commercial? the first few lines are: there's a day for every number there's a time for all my slumbers and I can see that I can run and hide Thanks, Diane
  2. nmichave

    Home Depot "Let's Do This - Curb Appeal"

    Probably music made especially for the commercial, but I have been pleasantly surprised before. Used Shazam and Soundhound with no luck. Nothing found on Google yet either. Hope someone recognizes it.
  3. T

    Home Depot radio ad

    I know this is for TV commercials but I didn't see a subset for radio. Home Depot is running Radio ads that has a great back ground tune. Could be a song or made up by an AD Agency. Simple song mostly electric piano and drums. If anyone heard it and know where I can get it let me know. thank you.
  4. T

    Home Depot paint

    I am looking for the music on the current Home Depot ad. Help !!!
  5. M

    In-store: Home Depot

    I was in Home Depot this morning with my dad and brother and i wasnt paying much attention until i heard this song playing, and i thought it sounded really good and then it sounded like it got quiet and i heard SYNTH! (im a huge trance fan) and then i NEEDED to know what the song was , it was a...
  6. J

    Home Depot Olympic Paint

    I'm looking for the song in the Olympic Paint commercial. It's a woman singing and some of the lyrics are "Home is where I want to be, the only place..." and "Where I spend the night and start the day". I've searched for days and can't find anything. Any ideas?