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    HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams at Lowes "Durability Dance"

    View: I'm trying to locate the name of the background music for the HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams TV Spot, 'Durability Dance'. It's the commercial where the lady is dancing around her home and does a backflip off of...
  2. J

    HGTV whistling

    Can anyone identify the whistling in HGTV's Does/Don'ts commercial? They're also using it as background on their commercial filler "HGTV ♥ Summer." I thought it was from Kill Bill or Hanna, but it's not.
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    Lowe's My Lowes "Exploded"

    Anyone know the song used in the commercials for the Lowes commercial for and HGTV's Property Brothers? It goes something like, "Home. Home is where I want to be." Thx.
  4. H

    Income Property

    Does anyone know what the first song is on Income Property? Not the title song, but the very first one.
  5. M

    HGTV The Stagers

    Does anyone know the song that is played toward the end of the HGTV "The Stagers" series? Here's a Youtube clip. The song starts at the 2:00 minute mark.