1. I

    Heroes Season 4

    Does anyone know/remember the songs used in this episode? (Especially past the half way point.)
  2. Mr. Awesome

    Heroes Season 3

    Anybody know the songs when they showed the profile video for Niki in "Heroes Countdown to the Premiere". Mainly the first one. They both had female singers. I found the clip on youtube. The song starts at 1:22 into the video. The song at the very beginning during Mohinder's profile is...
  3. R

    Heroes Season 2

    its sooo beautifulll.. comes in halfway through the video... anyone know what it's called ?! I've looked everywhere with no luck
  4. M

    Heroes Season 1

    Has anyone who has a Regal Crown Club card gone to the movies lately and recieved a card to view the first episode of Heroes? They(iTunes) give you the first episode plus two other previews of the show. There's an 8 minute and 27 second preview on one of them and about 30 seconds into it they...
  5. D


    I hope this is the correct forum... Anyways, I was wondering if anybody could tell me what the song is featured in the trailer, it's featured in the beginning after the first clip and again towards the end, it's the instrumental and just really good. Thanks to anyone that can help. :)