1. Kweh-chan

    History Channel HD Europe

    Hello! There's been a recent promo for History Channel HD in Europe, with a fantastic orchestral piece...does anyone know it? It sounds like it could be an Immediate Music work, but I'm not certain. Here is it on the German History Channel Thanks very much! 8D
  2. N

    GoPro HD Hero Camera

    I've seen the commercial twice now during november 2010. Its got a skier shreddin some fresh pow down a mountain but its all for a camera called "GoPro". But I'm wondering was the Dubstep/tencho song is... Anyone have any idea? It sounds real familiar but its too good to not know
  3. L

    Panasonic Viera 3D Full HD

    Anybody know the song in this commercial ?? https://panasonic.ca/English/audiovideo/plasma/flash/3Dvideo/index.html