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    Guinness "Slide"

    What is the song in the Guinness Beer commercial "Slide", where the bar tender slides the beer through the city.
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    Canadian Guinness

    Curious to know if anyone knows the song from the latest Canadian Guinness ad campaign, the one with the dots.
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    Guinness "Alive Inside"

    Anyone heard the new Guinness "Alive Inside" advert? It's been playing on US cable channels for about 3 weeks now. The commercial is a collage of pics fading and morphing into other pics and the final pic results into the usual curved glass of Guinness and caption at bottom of screen "Alive...
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    Guinness "building light show" music (American version)

    I cannot find the music to this ad anywhere. Here is a link to the music used in the American version of the ad. I have heard the other version as well (a little more electronic). However, this is the song that I want to find out who performs it. Thanks for any help. Here's that link...
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    whats she song in the Guiness ad where it says "this is the only time you can stare at something for this long and not get slapped in the face?" help! driving me crazy!! thanks!!
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    Guinness zoom inside bottle

    Hello everyone this is my first post here but I need some help trying to find out that slow song they played on the heineken beer commercial about almost a year ago. It's the commercial where they are chilling outside at night and he opens the cap and the camera zooms inside the bottle and it...