1. D

    Godzilla vs Kong

    Does anybody know the track in this TV spot?
  2. F

    Shin Godzilla

    I am dying to know the music used in this trailer. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks.
  3. G

    Autotrader.com Godzilla

    Who is the artist/band that redoes "Godzilla" in the latest auto trader commercial? Love the song, and I'm always o the lookout for new versions that sound REALLY good. Thanks!:)
  4. LDB

    Yellow Tail Godzilla

    The Godzilla theme music...I know I've heard it in some new...I think it was a rap song. Am I crazy? Thanks for any help Here is the commercial on Youtube :
  5. farbeyond

    Autotrader.com Godzilla

    In case anyone else was wondering. The song in an autotrader.com commercial showing and oversized man picking up cars in a city features the song: Blue Oyster Cult - "Godzilla"
  6. M

    Atari Godzilla

    Anyone dialed in on the song playing during the Atari Godzilla Commercial, a video game for the Wii?
  7. B

    Godzilla cartoon from Fox Kids

    Hi, does anyone know who composed the opening theme for the Godzilla cartoon that used to be on Fox Kids a long time ago.
  8. C


    I have heard this song in a movie somwhere before, and i can't remember which one. Its drving me nuts. the song is "Kashmir' by Bond , incase you didn't get that from the title. This is the same band from my previous post.
  9. A


    http://www.rialtopictures.com/trailers/Godzilla/godzilla_large.html It sounds familiar, does anyone know it?