1. AndroidE1

    Gatorade 50th Anniversary G50

    View: Hello I am looking for the music in this trailer. Any information would help. Thanks Android E1
  2. N

    Gatorade Canada "Go GSP!"

    Thank you!
  3. F

    Gatorade the G Series "Gatorade Has Evolved"

    there has been a new gatorade ad playing through the playoffs today on tnt, the song has kind of a folksy sound to it with the lyric like "if you wanna revolution the only solution is evolve" anyone know what song this is? I did a quick search and didnt see this mentioned anywhere sorry if i...
  4. F

    Gatorade G

    Does anybody know the name of the song in the new gatorade commercial?
  5. Z


    I know this is a ways back, but I'm pretty sure it was summer of 2000 when I saw this Gatorade commercial a few times with a killer track behind it. The commercial was very dark and I think it was among the first to feature the black and white, with the sweat being colored. There were various...