1. B

    Jump City Seattle

    Anyone know the chanted rap tune they're using for the promo for this show? -- Posted under protest of the Comcast/NBCU merger
  2. C

    Attack of the Show

    Hello, What is the name of the song that is in this commercial? The song starts at 4 Seconds.
  3. F

    G4 Tech TV Canada

    it's a commercial advertising shows on G4 Tech TV (XPlay and Attack of the Show I think mostly), about 18 seconds long, and the song contains the lyrics "throw your hands up, wave em in the air" and "family affair" is what I can clearly catch. and at the end it's "ooooo... la-la-la-la" And...
  4. esiebert7625

    G4 network

    Anyone have any idea on the music in the G4 channel GDC '08 (Game Developers Conference) commercial that has been playing lately on G4.
  5. C

    Attack of the Show

    I really like the beat, any idea what the song is? Thanks!
  6. A


    Does anyone know it? It was also on the trailer for Legacy of Kain: Defiance..