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    Ford Go Further 2016 Sales Event

    I liked the song, found it on YT: The song is called Freedom, by Freedom Pitbull and you can find it at Amazon.
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    2014 Ford Focus

    Would like to know the name of the music in a new commercial shown in Canada (don't know if it's anywhere else). The short commercial features a red 2014 Ford Focus driving around. There is a woman's voice for narration. The music is ambient electronic, with a light, groovy beat that is not too...
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    2012 Ford Focus

    There's an ad for the 2012 Ford Focus, playing in Canada, that has light electronic-ey music with no lyrics. Anyone have an idea what it is??
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    Ford Focus ZX3

    I need help to find a song from this commercial A woman puts her laundry ontop of a car and drives through the county to get the laundry to smell fresh. I think it was the volkswagen golf or the ford focus...does anybody know? PLease help i've been trying to find it for a long time. It might...