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    Fidelity Green Line

    Its at the end of the green line fidelity commercials. Its soft and sounds like it has guitars and a piano in it. please help
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    Fidelity IRA

    Hi, wondering if anyone can tell me the name of the song for the new Fidelity IRA Commercial. Thanks.
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    Fidelity Investments

    I'm looking for the title/artists for a song used in an investment ad. It takes place in a home (den, home office) with a guy sitting at his desk at a computer. In the corner of the room is an aging rock star (the actual guy!) in regular clothes standing with his electric guitar and a mic. At...
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    Fidelity "This is Jeff"

    Fidelity "This is Jeff" i seen these commerical today on the history channel i think and it was about the guy who has the "automatic" everything. i heard the song in the background it was was techno/samplish. i heard lyrics in the end but not enough to catch what they were. im hoping someone...