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    DMR Disney Challenge on Facebook

    Hello....there is a very pretty song playing in the background behind this month's Disney Challenge Points quiz on Facebook. https://apps.facebook.com/165965933571483/ Does anyone know the name of this song, is it part of a real song or just background music? If anyone knows, please tell me...
  2. A

    Facebook Timeline promo

    Hi everyone! Just trying to find the soundtrack for this music in the introduction Facebook Timeline video... http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline Thanks!
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    Palm Pre Sprint Facebook

    I saw the commercial for the Palm Pre for Sprint using this girl's facebook page. The song she was singing was really catchy and she had this really cool vibe. I tried searching the lyrics but they weren't coming up. Had the song stuck in my head all day. Anyone help me out? Thanks.
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    Anybody have Facebook?

    Ok so on Facebook there is this thing called share. And you can post Youtube videos so they play on facebook is there a website where i can do the equivalent of that but with music SO when someone clicks on it on facebook it will start playing music on facebook And if best a website that lets...