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    E*TRADE 360 "Complete Picture"

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the new etrade commerical?
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    E*TRADE heavy drumbeat and guitar

    A couple of current E Trade commercials featuring a good looking older woman jogging and an older guy on the street, both black and white, I think, feature a heavy drum beat and guitar. The theme is doing your own investing, etc. This could just be a track laid down with drum machine or...
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    E*TRADE "Master of Your Domain"

    Can anyone identify the opera chorus being sung in the E*TRADE "Master of your Domain" ad (where the computer, plant, dog, etc. "bow" to the guy)?
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    Anybody know the music used in the newest E-Trade Commercial. The genre is hard rock or something like that.
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    Does anybody know the song in the new E-Trade commercial? Something about "starting a revolution" or something? It tends to be on the news networks. Thanks!