1. C

    Esurance "Tech Savvy with Beatrice"

    Love this song. Sounds so groovy, with a bit of that cheesy game show vibe. Anyone have any idea where this came from?
  2. F

    Esurance "What If"

    Does anyone know the music for esurance? It is just guitar but is very catchy.
  3. farbeyond


    Hi; I just saw a commercial for Esurance that uses the song: "Lucky Today" by: Cloud Cult Get It At:
  4. D

    Esurance Speed Racer

    Erin Esurance does a promo for Speed Racer. On Youtube: Notice the comments! Apparently I'm not the only one who wants to know this song. Help?
  5. hatch113

    There is a cool synthesizer-heavy beat in the background of a commercial for The commercial is a cartoon; the main character is some kind of hero-woman with red hair who hand-springs into a convertable and speeds away, escaping some unseen villian (or something like that). I'm...