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    Dove Men+Care

    Hey everyone. Does anyone know the music used in this commercial?
  2. F

    Dove Self-Esteem Programme "Growing Up"

    hi, can anybody tell me who sings the song on the new dove tv ad 'self esteem program - growing up'. any info/help is very much appreciated, thanks, phil..
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    Dove Go Sleeveless

    Hello! Does anyone know the song in the Dove Go Sleeveless commercial? It's a woman singing the lyrics "you make me feel". Before anyone asks, it's not "you make me feel like a natural woman". This song is upbeat and sounds kind of Kylie Minogue-ish but it's not her (she does have a song...
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    Dove Shampoo

    Does anybody know the song that they played for the Dove nourishing Oil Care commercial?? It shows all the girls with really dry, static-y hair. :)
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    Dove Intense Repair

    Okay, So i heard this commercial play a while back. I dont give a hoot about the product but the track in the background is awesome! Any ideas who it is by, if it is an original composition it is EPIC!
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    Dove Soap

    There was a Dove soap commercial a while back. It showed a bunch of different bars of soap and listed the qualities that Dove doesn't have, like, "No added dyes" and it would fade those dyed soaps away and name another quality and fade some more soaps away until only the Dove soap was left. It...